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Lorraine Escobar, CG/NALCM

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My name is Lorraine Escobar. The name my tribe gave to me is "Rain Cloud" which is "Inam Mec" in the Esselen Indian language. True to my name, I am passionate about making ancestral connections for people through genealogy. (Read more on bio & history page)

Please check out my Resume in PDF form.

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~ No Stone Unturned Genealogy ~
Lorraine Escobar, CG/NALCM

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My Published Census Finding Aids

My California Census Index books are designed to make life easy when searching for your ancestors in the Census records.

These books were generated from a computerized database system that I developed to make my life easier in all the research I have done in both Monterey and San Deigo Counties in California. Each one is divided into three sections - two alphabetized indexes (first name only & surname) and one for the chronological order of appearance. Each index references the original page in which the name appeared, and finding the right family grouping is a breeze. Additionally, I've standardized the names to make the search even easier.

On a Personal note ~ more about me...

I am also an Artist, who creates jewelry (mainly out of abalone and other natural materials) and music which includes writing and performing my own songs at venues all over California, to learn more about this side of me click the navigation under Rainy's Creative Corner.

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