~ Rainy's Creative Corner ~
Jewelry by Rainy

~ Jewelry by Rainy ~

Abalone Necklace, replicated by Lorraine Escobar ~ August 8th, 2004

The abalone pendants were created in the tradition of the ancestral way - by hand, with rock, stone and wood as tools. Abalone Necklace ©2004 Lorraine EscobarEach shell was shaped by chipping with a granite hammer stone on a large piece of green chert. The edges were sanded on a large piece of course sandstone. The holes were drilled by a chert point hasped into the end of a small tree limb straightened for drilling purposes.

Ceremonial Abalone Shell Necklace by Lorraine Escobar ~ July 2004

This Ceremonial necklace was made especially for Muwekma Ohlone Tribal Elder, Hank Alvarez by request of Rosemary Cambra, Chair of the Muwekma Ohlone Tribe. The abalone pendants were created by hand, with only rocks, stones and wood as tools. Ceremonial Abalone Shell Necklace ©2004 Lorraine Escobar The necklace was fashioned after the ceremonial necklace collected by Russian explorer, Goerg von Langsdorff, when visiting San Fransico in 1806. The Bighead pendant was fashioned after historic Muwekma Ohlone Indian artifacts.

~ Rainy's Creative Corner ~
Jewelry by Rainy
Other Jewelry by Lorraine Escobar

Abalone Shell Necklaces ©2000 Lorraine Escobar The necklaces to the left were made in July & August of 2000 & donated to OCEN Tribal Gathering for Silent Auction on August 6th, 2000.

Made by Rain Cloud 1999 for good friend Frances C. Garcia

Tree of Life Necklace made by Lorraine Escobar for Bob Ritter

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