~ No Stone Unturned Genealogy ~
Lorraine Escobar, CG/NALCM

How to Get Started on Your Genealogy

The First 2 Steps in Tracing & Recording Your Family's History

~ Interviews

~ Collecting and ordering vital certificates

It sounds really simple, but it does require some etiquette & organizational skills. I wrote this article to help my clients with limited budgets, to do some of the work themselves. It suggests a list of questions, people to interview, advice for getting vital documents, & ideas for organizing the information you collect.

Please feel free to download the whole article (above link) to get started on your own genealogical research.

You can download the forms below, to help you in your organization.

Single Family Record Form

Use this 2-page form to track of every family. Page 1 allows you to list the parents and all of the children. If you run out of room, use page 2 so you don't have to write everything again. This kind of information is very useful when doing census research of family research or family reconstruction.

Pedigree Chart

This form keeps you focused on where your lineage is going, at-a-glance.

~ No Stone Unturned Genealogy ~
Lorraine Escobar, CG/NALCM

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