~ No Stone Unturned Genealogy ~
Lorraine Escobar, CG/NALCM

Genealogy FAQ's

How Long Does This Research Take?

Many people ask me how long it takes to do this kind of research. That’s a question that is very hard to answer because there is no pat answer. It may or may not be a domino effect – it all depends on what I find and what it tells me. All I can do is let you know what there is, how much there is, and what we can hope to find. But here are a few stories that might give you a better idea.

If you have a limited budget, I can guide you in a do-it-yourself effort. Doing genealogical research is really fascinating and the more you do, the more hooked you might get. I can walk you through the novice pitfalls and help you along.

I am happy to answer any questions but I do not do research for free (unless the mood strikes me). If you’re interested in my services, by all means, let’s talk.


In my experience, I have developed a large network of resources including a few of my own. Some of are published (see 1852 California State Census & 1850 U.S. Census - Monterey County, California ) but most are not. But, I have relatively quick access to information on most California records. And, I have a helper who could find a gnat in a haystack (well, that might be exaggerating a little – but just a little).

If I cannot locate what I need locally, I know where to find it at

~ No Stone Unturned Genealogy ~
Lorraine Escobar, CG/NALCM

both of the National Archives in California. Some university libraries carry various resources as well, i.e. the Santa Clara University has microfilms of the Mission Santa Clara mission records, the Bancroft has Mission San Jose, et al.

I am unafraid of asking questions and am known to be tenacious. I promise to leave no stone unturned. I can teach you how to research your own family history, develop your own resources, or I can do it for you. It's all up to you. I am willing to help you in any way you need. My fees are reasonable and I am willing to negotiate any job, large or small. Non-Native American Indian research assignments are welcome as well.

What about Finding Living Decendents?

Due to a recent request, I expanded my business to include looking for living descendants. An Scottish correspondent for The British Times called upon me to determine if a Scottish Servant (born around 1860) had any living descendants. It seems this descendant was to receive a share in an auction worth $10,000,000 (yes, that’s ten million U.S. dollars). Time was of the essence but it only took three days. (click here to read the story of “Street digger linked to a share of £5m fortune.”)

For so many years I have always taken the journey of time to deceased ancestors. This particular assignment was quite exciting but I found the same principles of research apply. Therefore, I’ve decided to expand my business for other such opportunities!

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