~ No Stone Unturned Genealogy ~
Lorraine Escobar, CG/NALCM

Bio & History

My name is Lorraine Escobar. The name my tribe gave to me is "Rain Cloud" which is "Inam Mec" in the Esselen Indian language. True to my name, I am passionate about making ancestral connections for people through genealogy. (Learn more about The Making of Rain Cloud)

My time is for sale, but not my ethics – not at any price. (Please read Ethics Not For Sale to understand more) So, if you need someone to get as close to the truth as possible, whatever that truth may be (without DNA evidence), then I am your genealogist.

In 1998, I was certified as a genealogist, with a specialty in Native American lineages, since 1998, by the Board for Certification of Genealogists.[1] I had my first renewal in 2003. But, researching Native American Indian lineages is not all I do. Though I am well versed in California historic records, I can trace lineages through all of the United States.

My resume is lengthy, as I have been involved in Indian affairs since 1992 and the ride has not always been smooth. But, the journey has been one I do not regret. I used to say I “enjoy” finding the evidence of a Native American Indian heritage, and I still do, but I am not naïve about what can happen. And for me to take you on as a client, you should not be naïve either.

[1] Board for Certification of Genealogists

~ No Stone Unturned Genealogy ~
Lorraine Escobar, CG/NALCM

Its one thing to not know who your ancestors are and find out; It’s quite another to learn your ancestors were not all you thought they were. Even people who have a Certificate of Degree of Native American Indian Blood in-hand are not guaranteed they are Indian. It takes much more than that. (Please read Worthless Paper & Shattered Identities for more on the subject.)

In my business, I have had the unfortunate experience of telling families they were not Native American Indians or they were Native American Indians from a wholly different tribe. It is not the easiest part of the job but it is a part from which I do not shy. So if you are prepared for reality, then you are ready to begin your journey with me.

I have not changed my fee in five years – it’s still $50 an hour, plus costs, and I require a $250 deposit up front along with a signed contract stipulating the entire scope of work.

For federally unacknowledged tribes, I have special advice that comes from dealing with the pitfalls of poor planning when preparing a petition for federal recognition. (Please read Advice for Tribes .) For federally recognized tribes, my fee is the same and so are my ethics.

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